Monday, December 13, 2010


Wow. The last few days have been super crazy busy...
Thus, there haven't been many posts, but I am back. :) So...basically, I had to power shop on Friday night to find a Christmas party outfit for my boyfriends work. That was seriously difficult. I spent like, three hours in the mall...going back and forth between stores...I finally just bought a top and blazer and went with that. Along with some uber cute red heels. I will try and post up pictures later on if I have a minute.
Anyways...then there was the Christmas party, then a snow storm and then more Christmas partying. So I am quite pooped and it's back to the daily grind once again.
Gotta love Monday's. I am already looking forward to this weekend! Although it's yet another busy one.
How is everyone else's Holiday's going? Christmas is just around the corner! :)
Anyways, enough of my rambling...
As some of you may know, it's Pre-Fall 2011 runway time in the fashion world. There are some interesting looks out there. It's either all out, or pretty minimal. I'm not into the minimal looks to be honest. I like a little pizazz.
So, not all the runway looks are going to be posted on here, just a few of my favorites.
First up, Donna Karan's line. I love the fur {hope it's faux!} and the drapey detailing on the outfits. I love the earthy colours and the ruggedness of these clothes.
They appeal to me a great deal. Love the ruching, the suede, the accessories, the silk and pretty much everything else. So enough are a few of my favorite looks from Donna's Pre-Fall 2011 fashion line.




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