Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Hmm...a little disappointed.
I was writing a bit of a bloggeroo and it disappeared. How...I really don't know. I saved it in the beginning because Blogger wouldn't allow me to upload photo's, so I hit post anyways...and gone...it went into cyberspace.
It basically was a segue into another editorial that I was going to post up...but as I was surfing the internet I stumbled onto, what I can safely say, is my photographer of the moment. We all have our photographers...but man oh man...this guy is genius.
The editorials are melancholic and yet pop with outrageous colours and somnolent models.
Each one of his editorials tell a story - you can seriously put whatever story you would like to his photographs.
The photographer that I am talking about is Baldovino Barani.
My gawwwwwwd. The images on his website are extraordinary and seriously breath-taking.
I don't have a complete little blurb on Barani but I plan on doing that. It's seriously something worth checking out.




(Source: All Images from TFS or Google Images)

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