Thursday, December 16, 2010


I am just sitting here...another {freaking} cold night, gawd only know's the temperature out there with the wind chill...well, it's close to -10...I don't beleive there is that much of a wind chill and I don't know why I keep rambling on about it as it doesn't really matter to anyone who is reading this at the moment.
Anyways ~ sitting here, sipping away on a glass of red wine and waiting for the Leaf game to start I just realized how super fast the year has gone by. It really has flown by...and for some people it has either been really good or proved to be a bit difficult.
This has been one of the most difficult year's in my life so far, I think...I have learned a lot more about myself and I feel that I have a lot more to learn.
It's a life long process...but there were alot of things that I struggled with ~ am still struggling with ~ and have overcome.
For example, I have quit smoking! After 7 years, I am smoke-free, will be 1 full year on January 15th.
But yea...just wanted to share that even though you go through tough times there are outlets for everyone there to express themselves and I am glad that I finally started blogging after so many years of just thinking of doing it, wanting to do it and not ending up actually doing it.
But I finally am and I really find joy in it. A LOT.
Everyday I try and think of more idea's to post up on here...what I could talk about, checking to see if anyone commented {lol - love the comments} and seeing if any new faces pop up in the "following" area.
I just hope that everyone had a good 2010 and I wish EVERYONE an even better 2011.
Wishing nothing but health, happiness, love, joy, financial stability and an utter stress-free upcoming year. And as always, I will be here to fill your little fashion-obsessed hearts with tunz of eye-candy as well as literal candy {aka. food} and I want to focus more on my diet and health so I will be posting more lifestyle/health oriented blog articles.
Anyways...I am talking waaaaay too much and I know alot of you guys are visual people {lol} so here is a photo {which is gorgeous} and just reminds me of waking up on a super pretty Sunday morning {preferably warm with a rainy mist}. :)
{Leaf game on now - Go Leafs Go!!!}

"Upon Waking Up..."
Caroline Winberg by Hunter & Gatti for Blanco Lingerie 2010



  1. Good for you on the quitting smoking!! It's the best thing you could have done for yourself in 2010!!!

  2. Thank you so much! :) It definitely was. Now I have to start eating healthily and exercising! :)