Monday, December 13, 2010


If there is one person {celebrity-wise} who I would describe as infectious and sweet ~ it would be Jessica Simpson. She is simply stunning, that's first of all, second of all, she's got a great voice and she comes across as the kindest person you could ever meet.
I love her, not only do I love that, but I also love the fact that when she faces adversity in the eyes of the press she is a confident and beautiful woman, won't let her guard down and tells everyone that it's okay to be who you are.
She has had taken a lot of slack from the press with regards to her weight. Personally, I think she looks beautiful either way ~ and people should be more concerned with themselves then with what other people look like.

I found this article on one of her fansites Sweet Kisses. It's a little blurb on her and I thought I would share because it's so true.

Jessica’s Curves Are Hot! 10 Things That Make Her Sexy

With a new Christmas album out, Jessica Simpson is one holiday present anyone would be happy to find under the tree.
-Laura Schreffler

Jessica Simpson isn’t just a pretty face with blond hair and big boobs. Nope, the newly engaged singer/reality star has way more depth than most of us give her credit for. But if it isn’t just her looks that makes Jess so sexy!
Read on to find out what makes this 30-year-old bombshell one of the most desirable women in the world.

1) She’s Curvy & Doesn’t Care!
In a world of pin-thin stick insects, Jessica is remaining true to her womanly shape – and will even wear completely unflattering high-waisted jeans to prove it!
2) Her Accent.
Jess is a sexy Southern girl through and through. Whether she’s singing or simply speaking, her voice is like a honey trap.

3) Her Taste In Men.
This 30-year-old bombshell prefers big, strapping hunks like ex-husband Nick Lachey and current fiancé Eric Johnson to scrawny hipsters or suited businessmen.

4) Just Like Us, She’s Made Man Mistakes.
We’ll just forget about John Mayer, shall we, Jess? We know you probably want to! Which brings us to #5….
5) She’s Sexual Napalm.
We’re not even really sure what that means, but for a man (Mayer again) to compare you to sex machine, you’ve got to be pretty damn good in bed. Just sayin’…
6) She Says Stupid Things, But Is Still A Millionaire.
‘Is chicken of the sea really chicken’ be damned – the girl is smart enough to know what’s going to make her a ton of moolah! Which brings us to #7…
7) She’s Currently Famous For Doing Nothing.
Has Jessica had a hit single or movie in years? No, she has not! Yet, she still manages to keep herself relevant, her name in the press and her face on magazine covers galore. Her finest work is her own hype… an estimated net worth of $100 million from her shoes, clothes and accessories. Impressive! And now with her Christmas album, she’ll be even more in-your-face than ever.
8 ) She Wears The Pants In Her Relationship.
At last – there’s a man who’s a lapdog to a woman! Jessica’s fiancĂ© follows her around and caters to her every need – I bet he’d even hold her purse. Here’s to strong women!

9) She Knows All About The Price Of Beauty.
As the host of her own VH1 series, The Price of Beauty, Jess realized that she’s happy just the way she is. Seriously, is there anything hotter than self-confidence?
10) She’s Charitable.
As the International Youth Ambassador for Operation Smile, Jess teaches kids to believe in themselves and that they CAN change the world. Now THAT’S hot!



(Source: Photo's - Taken From Sweet Kisses - I put them together.)

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