Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Yet another super frigid ~ freaking cold Winter day here in Canada.
There isn't alot to do when it's this cold outside...skating is one of them, but as long as you're super bundled up. But alot of the time, we Canadians hibernate and spend most of our time indoors, whether it be watching the game with our closest friends, cuddling under blankets with your significant other watching tv, watching the snowflakes dance outside while drinking hot chocolate or just wrapped up in a huge chunky sweater reading your favorite books, blogs or magazines. I have been doing pretty much all of the above since our lovely stormy weather has hit.
I have been hoarding as many magazines as possible to read in those cold nights.
One face that keeps popping up everywhere is the highly influential and publicized Christina Aguilera. She has recently come out with a movie with Cher called "Burlesque" as well as had a very public divorce with her husband of 5 years; Jordan Bratman.
Now she's been spotted dating a set assistant from Burlesque; Matthew Rutler, whom she is very happy with.
Anyways, as I said Ms. Aguilera seems to be popping up on so many magazine covers and I just recently purchased the December 2010 issue of InStyle UK with her on the cover. The photo's on the inside are absolutely stunning, these images come from one of Christina's many fansites on the web - http://www.xtina-web.com/.



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