Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Ugh. Still waiting for a few things to come my way...waiting waiting seems like sometimes we are always waiting for something and I am not sure if that is a good thing or not. I guess it is a good thing... sleeping pattern has been so out of whack the last week or so...I need to get it back on track starting after this weekend...the weekend will help me get my crap together. I am always up until 1am because I am not tired and then I am so tired when I get up in the morning and have no energy to do anything. I just feel sorta fatigued all the time and I don't get it. I am still gymin' it {yay} and the body is oh-so-sore. But it's a good kind of sore I guess because I know that I am doing something good for myself...of course I sometimes get discouraged {like today for example} but I know that I can't let that allow me to get off course so I gotta keep on going.
Good things come to those who wait..
See, I knew that it was a good thing to wait...

This weekend is going to be a busy one for the bf as he has to put in new flooring for his Mom...hope he can relax for one day out of his long weekend. We will also be doing our own little Valentine's dinner since we didn't do anything yesterday...not sure if we will go out though. I did get a bouquet of gorgeous roses though! :)) Which are so pretty! 
But I will need to keep myself busy while he is working away...was hoping to get some books from my wishlist but doesn't look like that is going to happen. I wonder what the weather is going to be like this weekend...I am hoping that Spring comes soon!!! Love Springtime. :) 

Valentine's Day Roses from my Beans. :))
So yea...aren't they just so purdy?? :) And they smell so lovely too - of course they would. 

What else...omg...there is a new Jillian Michael's thing that has come out - Body Revolution that I saw through one eye open this morning from bed in an infomercial and now I feel like I NEED to have this. It looks so KICK-ASS. 
It really does look like it would kick your ass too and promises results in 90 days. The exercises look pretty neat AND you get $70 worth of bonus stuff! Which I think is a pretty good deal! 
I will share more about that in a later post. 

For now I will share some editorials with you guys. :) 

Love this next one - love the hair, make-up, colors, clothes, location. I want to be there right now!! :P

The gorgeous Barbara Fialho by Bruna Castanheira for Fashion Gone Rogue.


{Source: FashionGoneRogue}

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