Friday, February 24, 2012


So this weekend has been quite the uneventful one - the boyfriend has been doing carpentry work on his Mom's house so most of my days consist of seeing how he's doing, reading and cleaning up. Another day of this today on Family Day - but as he says - as much as he is tired - that it must be done.

On another note...I went through my books, which I FREAKING LOVE!!! OMG. They are amazing! The books are filled with AMAZING recipes as well. I cannot wait to share them with you all! 

Here are some pics! :D 

That post above was from last weekend...I began posting away and than things just happened and I never finished...which is unfortunate because I told my buddy Kev that I would post pictures of the book and after taking numerous photo's with my iPhone and putting it through Instagram and Diptic {very time consuming btw} I just have to post these...they are pretty awesome too. :) 
I went through the cookbooks and they are awwwwesome! Lynn's book is a tad bit more gourmet but the recipes are so easy to follow and the pictures are gorgeous! The cookbook in itself looks rustic - the paper isn't glossy but the recipes, font and photograph's are so lovely. 
The Looneyspoons cookbook is so fabulous; with the recipes, doodles, funny little things that are scattered throughout {their puns in particular that can be found on the show as well} and their nutrition nuggets. Omg. If you are a dietician or a nutritionist you will LOVE this book and recommend it to everyone! There is so much in there and I am definitely going to share with you some of the tips that are in that book. I will also be writing it out in my own little notebook so that I ingrain it into my brain so that I remember these "nutrition nuggets" for the future. 
And you know my thoughts on the Everyday Food Light cookbook = amaaazing. Great low-cal and healthy recipes. Perfect for anyone's healthy living lifestyle!
The two book-books I haven't read yet - but will and Dr. Shapiro's book is very interesting. I was quite shocked by some of the information in there! And in a good way. 
So all in all, these books are seriously awesome and did NOT disappoint and I advise you pick 'em up. :) 

But might just ask me, if I had to pick one, which one would it be?? Omg...this is totally difficult because I love ALL of them...could I put them in order? Probably...but I have to pick just ONE??? 
Okay...oh boy...

Why? Well, as I said, it isn't only a cookbook but it is a great book for those people that want to become more aware of what they put into their bodies and what is healthy for them. I wish there were more actual photograph's of the food but there is plenty enough in there in general {over 400 pages btw} and I love reading Janet and Greta's little blurbs. It's super colourful and I just love it. 
It's funny, witty and just downright charming. :) 
Noooo, it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that they are Polish. ;) 

I am going to post at some point this weekend some of the novels that I have read the last little while and my reviews on them as well, including; "The Girl Who Played With Fire", "Shelter", "The Woman in Black" and a couple more so stay tuned. :) 


{Source: Images by Moi}

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