Tuesday, February 07, 2012


I know. I’ve been gone for what seems like forever. Like I said, things here and there that I have had to deal with. This week has been a positive one thus far. I have to start waking up at a decent hour though instead of sleeping in. Well, I mean, I wake up at 6:30am but I usually go back to bed. 
I have been full throttle with my fitness and diet regime - or rather - the healthy lifestyle...and the boyfriend is on the bandwagon with me and we are encouraging one another and so far we have been doing quite well. :) I will keep you guys updated each week, if I lost and such and when I reach my ultimate goal weight then I will make sure to share everything with what I did. 
I am excited to see my Dad and my Sister this weekend - they will be down for a visit. I will really miss my Ma though. I wish she could have come down so we could hang out. I will be there though soon enough so we will hang out then. I just love being in California. Being home. It’s just that, HOME. :)
The bf and I have also been hitting the gym. Day two and we are pooped! So I am thinking we will watch a bit of the Leaf game at 8:30pm and then off to bed we go. 
There are things I wanna share with you guys. Some recipes that I have tried out the past few days and a lot of new “healthier” ones. Such as baked chickpeas. That sounds amazing! :) I’m a lot more careful as to what I am eating and putting into my body - especially since getting started back on the gym. 
There are also some book reviews that I have - mini ones - and then some new covetable books that are out there. I am a total nerd when it comes to books, so you can expect these often from me. Maybe it will give you guys idea for some new reading material. 
I haven’t been out clothes shopping for a long time now so nothing there...lol. Although I would like to pick up a pair or two of sweatpants. 
I usually just wear the bfs shirts to the gym so I am alright there. But eventually when I lose this weight I will need a couple new clothes here and there. 
That'll be a little while from now though as it all takes time. 

I am currently reading 77 Shadow Street by Dean Koontz that Kev-y got me. It's a pretty good read so far. I mean, there isn't too much of a dialogue and is quite descriptive which I have noticed in the reviews on Amazon that a lot of people aren't too pleased with this and it was a bit slow-starting in the beginning for me, but let me tell you...when I read a few chapters last night in bed, it scared the crap out of me! I contemplated on waking the boyfriend up to take me to the washroom! 
Finally when I mustered enough courage to go to the washroom on my own I literally turned on every single light. Lol. 
I know I shouldn't read more of it tonight but I really think I might...
It is about a creepy "apartment" - which isn't like a high-rise apartment but one of those "estate" homes that were turned into apartments for a few super rich people...then weird things start to happen one afternoon...
Everything creepy about this place...weird things being spotted...weird rooms that were never there before, creatures, thunderstorms, voices and such...just creepy! I am almost halfway and have a bit more to go so I will let you know my final thoughts on the book once I am finished. 

Anyways...that is all for now! 
I am really sleepy...

Editorial for you before I go off to la-la-land.

Beegee Margenyte by Tina Luther for Harper’s Bazaar Hong Kong February 2012.


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