Monday, February 13, 2012


Another weekend that has flown by - went so fast. I had a great time hanging out with my Dad and Sister but miss them even more! It's always sad to see them go. But I am hoping to see my Mom and Dad more often as well as my Sis. 
Not much going on today - it is a spectacularly sunny day today with not a cloud in the sky. Then the rest of the week will be snow or rain...which is alright with me. 
Yesterday I did catch some of the Grammy's and it was a bit boring to say the feels like the same people perform year after year. 
Today will probably be an uneventful one - slept in a bit and am deciding on lunch...a bit noisy over here...
I'm going to post some editorials for you guys and then am going to share some books that are on my Amazon wishlist. 

Some recent style hits.


{Source: People StyleWatch}

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