Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I sometimes like to dream or even think that I am a vagabond at heart...even though I have planted my rear-end in one place for the past 3 years or so I am not so sure that I will be living in my current apartment for another 2 years or anything. I would love to find a {maybe not particularly} newer {but my own} place and start fresh - my own humble abode. 
Yet, on another note, I would also love to just take 6 months off from reality {if you will} and move to somewhere where I don't know the language and the culture would be drastically different from my own. Sometimes it is hard to do things like that if you are tied down a bit and have some priorities and responsibilities that you need to take care of before doing anything that "consummate". 
I personally don't think it is extreme as it might be to some people...I think it would be refreshing...something contrary...drink in new things, experience different cultures and locales. That is something that I would still love to do in the near future. Everything and everyone will still be here when I come back {with the boyfriend of course, lol!}. 
I just love editorials that can transport me halfway across the world and have me experience a fervent feeling of just packing up and going. 
One place I would love to spend up to maybe even 3 months in would be Italy. Get a small part-time job and just live in a little place, I mean, it wouldn't matter...everything is just inconceivable there and I would be appeased with washing dishes during the day at a small restaurant and experience Italy in the afternoons, evenings and nights...
From spending days in the sun, I'd be bronzed and healthier then ever before since where I would be - there wouldn't be a McDonald's in sight - and I would only try the very best, fresh and simplest of foods and drink. I would wear white and tan all the time and my hair would be a curly chaos from the sea air. 
Before bed I would read books or watch the nightlife from my window - I would journal or write - or if I am lucky enough - have an internet connection and blog and share photographs. 
This would be something where when I finally one day have children they could see all the pictures that I have taken from my travels and know that they too can experience the world if only they wanted to. Because it IS possible. You can do whatever you want...and I need to learn and embrace this more and more. You can't be tied down to one thing in have infinite possibilities. 
You just gotta push yourself out that door just a little bit...and you will finally; one day, take that first "betwixt-and-between" step and be eternally grateful for it. 

Mariana Braga by Steven Chee for Fashion Quarterly NZ.



  1. Wow.... That was a really cool read!! I have a friend who did something like that. She was a pianist that I worked with.
    One day she pulled the plug. She quit her job, sold her house and moved to Australia for about three months. She went on just about every adventure that you could imagine.... Ahhhh to be young...

  2. Thanks Chris! I know a few people that have done that as well - without houses and such though. I would love to do that one day would be such an adventure! Hope you're having a great start to your long weekend!! :)