Friday, February 17, 2012


Sometimes I get into these stupid bouts of "depression"...not really depression..but I just get super down in the dumps..and at times I feel like I can't rid myself of this feeling...or agonize that I never will get out of the same time...everyone experiences's just what happens. Happiness, joy, sadness,'s only prevalent in day to day life. 
Lots of things have gone on and happened the past few months...I left my job - which was one of the best decisions I made for myself in a really LONG time. The place I worked at was just unmannerly and detrimental to anyone's health on a regular basis because of a certain person...a lot of people felt this way...but...I was lucky enough to be able to get up and just leave...some people just don't have that betterment for themselves. I mean, I got money saved and an incredibly supportive boyfriend, family and friend(s) and am eternally grateful for that.
Forever will be perpetually grateful for that...but what I am trying to get at, is that it is difficult trying to decide what I want to do from here on in. Do I want to just give it a rest and go and travel? What career do I want? Do I want to go back to school? So it isn't that I am not hardcore about finding a's trying to decide what direction I want my life to head in...I have been given the perfect opportunity to make this decision...and I need to make it in the very near future and take advantage of every contingency presented to me.
Thoughts flutter in and out trying to decide what to I want to be a dietician? Start my own business? Do something mediocre just to save up money for a house? I don't want a small and crappy house, I want a gorgeous house...but that is a lot of hard-work. Am I capable of it? Sometimes I feel like I am not capable of doing a lot of things...but the truth is, I can do anything I put my mind to. 
Lots of thinking to do...and I feel like I am just so unsure of what direction to go into...
Every action has a reaction...
I think often too much of others instead of myself.
I think that is one problem.

I went on one of my weekly escapades with my buddy Keverino. We always have a blast going to the grocery store (in particular) and just chatting and catching up as much as we can...making fun of people...or swearing about them, either way. 
Kevin is the type of guy you can talk to about anything and everything - no judgements. 
My boyfriend gets along with him great as well and is super fond of him. 
Sometimes when my parents are out of reach (such as travelling abroad) then the person I can turn to - other then the bf of course - is Kevin. He is always there to listen and is always there to do whatever it takes to make people around him as happy as he is. He is seriously a happy go lucky's hard to be in a foul mood around him - mind you, I can be quite the biotch and he'd be the first to tell you that...but usually my mind has come full circle after our little adventures...he is a really great person. Hope he knows that. :) 
But that is beside the point! 
Well, no, it isn't. Lol. He knows that the bf and I have embarked on a really big weight-loss journey together - which means lots of recipes...clean eating, of course...and I just don't have a lot of the kitchen I got an awesome gift (besides the cookbooks I told you guys about already - which btw, I will be posting tomorrow!!! As per Kevin's request, lol.). 
So here it is. :) 

I just want to say one thing before I go on - Kev should be proud, I took off my plastic casing on my phone (that originally comes with the phone) to take this pic...and more pics I will be sharing more often in the future...I am so anal about my electronics and hate scratches and stuff and had this clear thing on it that made pictures, this is the first pic without it. Lol. 
This is an AMAZING prezzie!!!
This is baking dishes and muffin tins! Measuring cup, measuring spoons and whisks! 
I have recently found AMAZING - super healthy - recipes off of the body building website...and most of it requires baking; such as Jamie Eason's Pumpkin Protein Bars (the baking sheets and such) and her Turkey MeatLoaf Muffins (thus the muffin tins) - AND these are all NONSTICK!!! So even healthier! I don't have to coat them with butter or oil! 
I am going totally make these recipes AND share them AND take pictures...
I owe it to Kev - always said I would take pics and share...this time I am going to actually start. 
And my Mom will be thrilled to see more pictures from me as well. :)) 
Soo...I am going to share the recipes along with the videos by Jamie for you guys.
I do have her version but have my little variations as Mom makes some MEAN ASS burgers...that I follow but instead use ground lean turkey (which btw, I cleared the grocery store of today)...and I gotta say, my turkey muffins will definitely have lots of garlic and dill. :) 

This is a long post...and I won't drag it on. :) 
But I am hoping everyone is having a fabulous Friday...some of you are in bed already...some of you are still partying it up. I had an exhaustive gym session...and I am so pooped...but still up, I know, I know. 
Lots of blogging for you guys tomorrow. The boyfriend has to put flooring in tomorrow and needs his beauty rest tonight to work throughout much of the day tomorrow before we go out and do our Valentine's dinner (a little late, I know). 
He works a tun though so is always in bed before I am and this weekend is going to be a busy one as well on top of his work weeks so he needs all the rest he can get! While I am sitting here rambling...the cat is even passed out! Right next to him, no less. :) 

You will hear from me tomorrow. :) 
Night night lovelies!


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