Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I totally wasn't going to blog tonight because I am hella tired...but since I am still up and found out some fantabulous news {and am trying to at least watch the first period of the Leaf game that starts at 10pm} I thought I would share my news and some edits. 
First...for some of you that are asking me about my tumblr account - it is:
Make sure to check it out and follow. I just post up a collection of images that I find inspiring and just plain old pretty. So be sure to take a look sometime. :) 
Today was pretty prosaic. I checked emails and such and then did a workout {level 3 of 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michael's} and dinner and such...just things you do around the house in general. I tried to do my taxes but screwed something up so I am going to need help - figured I would ask my bestie Kevin. 
Which leads me toooo....THANK YOU KEVY!!! :))
In a few days I am going to get some of the books that I posted the other day about and am uuuuber excited. I will post some pics up of what is inside the books for you guys - particularly the full coloury ones through instagram methinks along with my sentiments about the books. I haven't used my instagram enough and it is super simple and easy...same with diptic - another photography app you can buy through the Apple store or iTunes...whichever it is that you get through your iPhone. 
ANNNNND an early birthday present which is the Jillian Michael's Body Revolution!
Omg. Words cannot express how comically excited I am for these things...


So as you can tell by the pic - there are three parts to this "body revolution" by JM. 15 DVDS! And judging by the previews I have seen on the site the workouts look like they would definitely kick your ass into shape. I also just love Jillian and she looks so pretty in this DVD - not that it matters...
Actually it does...because you get inspired to kick your own ass even harder to get a body like hers and she also looks more leaned out. 
Not only that but this comes with $70 worth of bonus stuff! So little booklets and such plus a cable to work out with! 
The boyfriend and I used to have a cable and he threw it out and I then sorta lamented the fact that we got rid of it because there are a lot of great home workouts that you can do with cables. 
I will deeeefinitely let you guys know how these workouts are...and will unquestionably help me along on my weight loss adventure. 

One day I'll be able to do that - above...and make it looks ridiculously effortless as she does too.

Editorials to come!!! :))


{Source: Images from Jillian Michael's Body Revolution WebSite}

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