Thursday, February 09, 2012


Ugh...the Leafs lost tonight. What the heck?! They are supposed to be winning! At least they are doing better than the Habs. Ha! 
Anyways...a little rant there on this lovely Thursday evening. 
So...I am almost done my book "77 Shadow Street" definitely descriptive...and virtually no dialogue in it. It's a first for me. 
I have read a lot of books the last few weeks and am running low. You'd think I had photographic memory or something. I can skim through pretty quickly and know what I am reading...although it would be sweet to have photographic memory. 
Omg. I am so excited to report too that my Mom got me "The Girl Who Played with Fire" {the second instalment of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" trilogy" for those who didn't know} I am excited to begin reading it and more about Blomkvist and Lisbeth. Wish there were like, 5 of these books. can't have everything. 
But I will share some bookies that I would love to get {once again - total bookwormy nerd here}. 
What else what best bud Kev {everyone say hi to Kev!} got me the latest Women's Health and Glamour magazines and I am excited to share some of the things in there with you along with more recipes from the latest Food Network magazine. 

We are supposed to get about 5cm of snow tomorrow. So we shall see how that goes...and if it is a calm little sprinkling throughout the day or a sh*tstorm all within 2 hours. 
I also have to update my sugar-jar {tumblr} site as it has been two months. 

On yet another note - it has been 4 days - in a row - that the bf and I have gone to the gym {yay} and tomorrow is yet another day along with Sunday. My legs are killing me! I hope to hit the weight room tomorrow though if it isn't too busy. 

So now, it's food network {since the game is done}, cuddles in bed, nightcap {red} and surfing the net/finishing my book. 
Hope everyone is having a lovely Thursday evening!!

PS. Kev get that new laptop stat!!

Love this next editorial. 

Rebecca Iannacone by Aram Bedrossian for Cosmopolitan Armenia December 2011.


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