Friday, November 25, 2011


Does it matter to me? No, not really, but I know it means a world of a difference for the boyfriend. He is almost done his work week. Although he does have to work tomorrow for half of the day. 
But last night he got off work at 8pm! So he must be one tired guy. 
We watched Four Christmases together. We began Bad Teacher but we had sound issues, once again...ugh. 
Four Christmases was alright. There were some funny parts, but nothing spectacular and definitely not terribly Christmasy.
Oh well...we have a tun more to watch! Tonight though is the Leaf game. 
It sucks though...I am on my own all day...waiting for him, and usually he gets home just before 6pm but nowadays, since it is the busy season, I have no idea when he gets I just sit and wait. Making dinner is a feat in itself. Lol. 
Last night I made potato gnocchi with spaghetti sauce and cheese. It was okay. 
Maybe I am just too used to spaghetti al dente that I found the gnocchi super mushy that I didn't even bother finishing it all. Which leads me to my next point. I ate so well yesterday and not a pound lost...
Oh...and is it weird that I probably could sit there and eat just plain old spaghetti sauce with cheese? Hm...I don't know...
I am sitting here now, listening to some Christmas Carols, reading magazines and figuring out what to blog about today with Ricardo and Friends on in the background {a great little cooking show on Food Network Canada}. 
It looks like it's going to be a sunny day and a friend and I are going to go out for lunch before going out and getting manicure's and pedicure's. Courtesy of my lovely boyfriend. :) 
I might squeeze a nap in before we go. I am tired. I had a good sleep; didn't wake up once all night, which is weird for me, but I still just don't feel rested. 
I'll just be happy once the weekend begins...and like I said, makes no nevermind to me, but I will be able to spend it with the boyfriend. Who will prrooooobably want to spend it either sleeping or playing PS3.
Ugh, no Leaf game on Saturday either which totally SUCKS!!!
BUT, we can catch up on some Cops! :D
Another thing before I shut up...
I watched the movie Country Strong yesterday and it was soooo sad. It was a really good movie and I loved Leighton Meester in it! I almost forgot she is in Gossip Girl, which is a good thing in terms of acting! 
But the whole drinking and drugging and depression and...yea...
Sad...but the movie director did an amazing job. 
Everyone did a great job! 
It was a really good movie. And I am surprised it didn't win an Oscar or anything! Or is that still coming up?? I don't know. 
Anyways! Gonna take a bubble bath and see if my camera battery has charged. I was also thinking of doing a give-away. What do you guys think?


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