Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Hello all my globetrotters! I'm writing this blog post from bed. It's not even 6am yet! I am feeling unwell and am contemplating taking the day off.

I just got scared shitless by a spider that was staring at me while I tried to feed my kitty cat. He wasn't a small one either. :/ hate how they pop out of nowhere.
Anyways, the weekend went by sooo fast. Monday mornings I am always riddled with anxiety for no reason at all. It's severely disconcerting at times.
On Saturday my cat decided to poop himself (new food maybe) and he is a long haired white chichi so this was bad news. Thankfully I caught it before he jumped around on my new bed. I bathed him much to his chagrin and he was all cleaned up. Pissed off. But clean. I leave for a bit, come back and he peed on my brand new goose down duvet that I haven't even had for a month! I was very upset as this has to go to the dry cleaners. I am soooo glad the guy that sold us the mattress at the brick told us we should get the mattress cover. This baby soaks anything up and the cat pee didn't even touch the new mattress. This was such a relief for me as I was already quite upset with Sky for doing the deed on my new bed. He knows where his litter box is!!
Anyways, had to take my duvet to the dry cleaners. Apparently the woman that worked there hates her job and was less then thrilled about my urine soaked duvet. I get it back tomorrow.
Thank goodness. I miss it! So warm and heavy.
The bf played a lot of his new game Battlefield 3 which he is becoming increasingly agitated with as it's more of a real life type game where if u get shot once youre donezo. This doesn't sit well with him.
I told him to try the new games my Ma and I got him in Cali like James Bond but noooOooOoo, it doesn't strike his fancy in the slightest at the moment.
It was a quiet day. Watched Horrible Bosses which was freakin hilarious - finally a funny movie!! And then began Bad Teacher which stopped working halfway. Super annoying.
Will have to find a better one today.
All in all it was quite the eventful but quite the quiet weekend. Oh and the Leafs lost on Saturday to the Bruins in a brutal 7-0 game. Pathetic. I know. I'm not even going to get into it.
I guess I could keep going with my rambling as I sit here, my stomach is becoming increasingly irritated and I feel like I may barf but my trusty phone hasn't gotten in the way.
Oh. I was going to say, I live with my bf.  We moved in together after 3 months of dating. Yea some of you may think that was the stupidest thing we could have done but I am beyond grateful that it worked out for us. For whatever reason we are just a perfect fit. The first year was a bit volatile but the rest was history. :) Anyways, my boyfriend is the type of guy that even if he is sneezing all over the place, puking or bleeding he will go to work. So I feel guilty when I stay home if I have a tummy ache. Now usually if and when I get sick...I get SICK. I am out of commission for at LEAST a week.
I need to count my pennies and make sure everything is in order when I am feeling off.
Everyone feels off often...but you do realize when you're going to be off the scale.
I feel like I may be coming down with something.

This was my post from yesterday that I never got a chance to share with you guys so I'm posting it today. 
Must remember to pick up clean duvet today...hope I can find my receipt. :|

A little sunshine-y editorial for you guys on this cold and dreary Tuesday morning.

Lindsay Ellingson by Regan Cameron for Allure June 2011.


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