Tuesday, November 29, 2011


When I sat back and thought about what I wanted for Christmas a little while ago I couldn't figure a damn thing out...and than one day I went out window shopping and found a lot of stuff that I want and want now! Lol. 
There really isn't going to be a lot of gift exchanging for me this year as I am broke but it's nice to dream and maybe one day I will pick one of these bad boys up once I find a job which I am sure will be soon. :) 
What do you guys want for Christmas? 
Here are a few things on my Christmas wish list...

About a year ago a friend of mine got me boxing gloves {pink ones to boot} and I had every intention of purchasing a punching bag but never did...I don't know why. So over the weekend I went to Canadian Tire and saw their punching bags as well as their stands on sale. Which is awesome...but not for me right now. Lol. Why couldn't it have been on sale a month ago!? Anyways...a punching bag is definitely at the top of my wish list. I think it would be a perfect workout and one that is not boring and blasts fat. 

Of course you will need a stand for the punching bag...which is another thing that is on sale...this way you don't have to diddle-daddle with trying to get the punching bag screwed into the ceiling. A definite must if I were to get that punching bag. 

I am surprised at how cheap some stationary bikes are. That would be a great addition to a home gym and you really don't need anything ridiculously fancy. There are some that go for $150. 

This isn't a huge must or at the top of my list, probably because they are so damn expensive, but I would love to get my hands on a set of copic markers one day for my artwork.

Pretty much want anything remotely YMCMB this Christmas. Be it sweatpants, sweaters {with a hood} or shoes...and not ridiculously expensive either. 

What girl doesn't want a spa day? And that means a full-on day at the spa with massage and all that jazz. That would be quite heavenly especially after the hectic month we'll have to the follow-up of Christmas getting everything ready and such. Ahhh...spa day. 

Those are some of the things that are on my wish list. I could probably keep going with wanting perfumes...which is a good idea actually, there are some perfumes out there that I have been coveting lately. 

Christmas is just over a month away! 
Have you guys begun your Christmas shopping? 


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