Thursday, November 03, 2011


What a start to my Thursday morning. Everyone is super on edge and just bickering with one another. I don't think people realize that it just ruins others' day. I am a firm beleiver in not bringing your crap into work. 
Anyways - I am definitely not going to get into that. 

The Leafs won last night. :) Yay!
Another Leaf game tonight! I am hoping the boyfriend doesn't have to stay at work too late. He is getting tired - work is catching up to him. Poor guy. It's definitely getting busier for him as everyone is frantically trying to get their winter tires on before the first snow. Which by the way we had +18C yesterday! That is insane! It's November! Lol. That's alright though, not complaining!
Mind you - I do want some snow...I don't do well with cold...but it's going to get me into the Christmas spirit, for sure. 

What else, what else...oh, I will share with you guys some books that are totally on my wishlist. I need to get these sooooon! I am obsessed with cookbooks and love reading them just like an actual novel. Some of them do have seriously great little stories throughout them. And I love anything and everything to do with food and looking at pictures of 'em so it's a match made in heaven. :) 

First off, Made In Italy by David Rocco - I love his show. I can't really catch it half the time on the Food Network for whatever reason but I did get his other cookbook recently and there are a tun of recipes in there that look just mouth-wateringly delicious. A lot of the recipes are {obviously} Italian. 

Next, we have Nadia G's Bitchin' Kitchen: Cookin' for Trouble. Another one that I adore. I LOVE this woman's show on the food network. It's funny and totally interesting to watch. I loooove Nadia G. She also reminds me of the Mob Wives with her accent so there is another reason why I love her. Lol. 
Her previous cookbook also had a tun of delicious recipes and some that I have tried out and were huge hits with people.

The next cookbook I have been waiting for this chef to come out with for's called Everyday Exotic: The Cookbook: It's About Flavour by Roger Mooking. Love his show and love how he uses all these intensely different spices in his recipes. I am definitely looking forward to getting this one and seeing what sort of recipes are scattered throughout. 

I also have Dinner Chez Moi by Laura Calder in my wish list...I am a bit on the fence with this one. I do enjoy her shows {not my favorite though} but she does seem to make a lot of very elegant food that seems like it would take an eternity to make and would also entail a crapload of dishes. I guess I'll read some more reviews on this one and decide later on if I am going to purchase it. 

Just wanted to share with you guys these cookbooks. :) They have recently come out and I will definitely be getting these ones from Amazon - way cheaper through their site as opposed to buying them in bookstores. 



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