Tuesday, November 08, 2011


This weight-loss journey that I have embarked on near the end of October doesn't seem to be going to well for me. I still keep indulging...I really need to figure out a different way of looking at food instead of eating it when I'm bored...happy...sad...anything...eating my feelings is what I do. Sad sad sad state I'm in. I am going to try and educate myself more on nutrition and eating healthy and being physical as a lifestyle and not some sort of "fad".
I really gotta cut out all the processed crap as well that I eat. I mean, I can't keep eating pasta on a regular basis...and not in the quantities that I do eat them in...it's just not good for you. I need to keep my fridge stocked with a tun of veggies. I'm not a fruit person at all so that won't be there unless I want it to rot in the refrigerator. 
I gotta start eating more whole-grains as well and nothing "white". I guess what I am basically saying is that I need more motivation. I gotta get my butt in gear or I will never reach my goal of being strong and fit. This is what I ultimately want and I can't blame anyone else besides myself if I don't get there. I can't have someone do it for me...soo....what am I waiting for? 
Needless to say everything that I did lose last week I gained over the course of 4 days with just making poor food choices. 
So back at it I go again. I will journal a lot more as well to get a bit of a deeper understanding of why I sabotage myself at times. 
I guess I need some motivation with regards to getting myself something when I reach a specific goal weight as well. 
First of all, I need to get some nice workout gear...I will do that when I lose the first set amount of weight that I've been wanting to lose. And what better workout gear then Lululemon. 
A lot of people love lululemon clothes and apparently it makes certain body parts just that much more outstanding looking then if you were to wear some other type of workout gear. 
So this is my treat when I reach my first goal...so here are a few things that I found on the site that I'd like to pick up once I can. :) 

Groove Pant (Regular) $98 CAD 
Live Simply Jacket $98 CAD 
Ta Ta Tamer II $58 CAD 
Wunder Under Crop Reversible $78 CAD


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