Wednesday, November 23, 2011


With all this time to myself looking for a job I guess I shouldn't be sitting here and dwelling on all the negativity. I learned that last night through some tough love from my boyfriend. 
I am rehashing people talking shit about me, being rude or mean, making up lies and it's obviously not good or healthy for anyone to sit there by themselves and reside in all that junky crap. 
I mean, I am done with work...I don't need people making things up about me. It isn't fair. I'm a human being as much as the next guy. Come on. 
But, at the same time, I do need to deal with it and move on. I am going to have a sensational job soon enough that I am going to be beyond ecstatic in and this extra time gives me the time to read and just learn more about myself. 

Yesterday I was trying to find a particular self-help book {I own a tun, I love to read} and I found my ghetto-old notebook that I got in Poland back in 2005. Back than I was super creative in everything I could be creative in. I wrote poems, blurbs, just anything and everything...if I found something inspirational in magazines, books, TV, newspapers, *whatever!* I would put pen to paper and copy and maybe make my own rendition of it. 
Elle magazine back in the day had gorgeous articles about their celebrities that graced the covers of their magazines...and I mean, this was creative writing at it's best. You would either feel transported to a particular place or it was as if the celebrity were right in front of you. 
Since I threw most of my fashion mags out, I am glad that I wrote the most ornamenting blurbs in this little notebook of mine {PS. Um, Poland makes the best notebooks of life...that is if that manufacturer is in Poland. Lol.}
Anyways...I have a couple mini pieces of I am going to start posting them along with the coinciding editorial - or an editorial that is even more stunning if that is what I think. 
Let's get on with the striking, commanding and ethereal; Cate Blanchett. 

Elle US Magazine - December 2003; Page. 253

"Piling into the car in faded jeans and a shapely little Martine Sitbon jacket, Cate the cool isn't just warm, she's ebullient. With her reddish-blonde hair and pre-Raphaelite skin, she reminds me of one of those alabaster votives - pale, even marmoreal, but lit from within."


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