Saturday, November 19, 2011


Well, as far as the weight loss journey is concerned the past few weeks, it is virtually non-existent. Meaning there was no sense in telling anyone that I was embarking on this journey because I didn't do shit to help. Yea, sometimes I'd have healthy meals but than the meal after that just botched everything and I haven't gotten anywhere. I'm in the same exact place as when I began. Maybe even a pound or two heavier! *sad*
Anyways...I have been doing a lot of thinking though because there have been some huge changes in my life with quitting my job and trying to find something else that this is a new journey for me and I need to embrace the "new" me. Meaning that maybe it really is time to consider a healthier eating lifestyle, fitness and taking care of things immediately instead of procrastinating and blaming it on the job. I have no job to blame it on now. 
Working out too - it's ridiculously simple to fit at least 15 minutes in of doing high intensity interval training. I guess there really are no excuses. 
This morning I was watching the Brides of Beverly Hills and there was a woman on there that was searching for a dress and she is a fitness model - she had a killer body - and it was crazy to find out that she used to be a helluva lot heavier in the past. It was inspiring. 
I don't know what sparks the fire under some people's asses but I need that spark as well. 

Anyways...I decided to share some fitness moves that I found on the Fitness magazine website. They aren't that difficult and you can pepper 'em throughout your day. You don't have to do an entire sweat sesh if you don't want to. As long as you are active throughout some points of your day I think that counts; especially when you are first getting into a healthy lifestyle. 
These moves are from the "Booty Bootcamp" Workout. You can check all the moves out online on their site. 

Ski Boot Sit
Targets: Butt and inner thighs
1. Stand with feet hip-width apart, a dumbbell under each heel {heels rest on handles of weights}, and squeeze a folded towel between knees.
2. Extend arms in front of you at shoulder level, palms down, and, squeezing towel throughout move, bend knees 90 degrees to lower, as if sitting down in a chair {keep lower legs still}. 
3. Lift halfway so knees are still slightly bend, then lower. 
4. Lift halfway so knees are still slightly bent, then lower. 
5. Do 8 to 10 reps. 
Trainer's Tip: Make sure the folded towel is about 4 inches thick to keep knees aligned with hips. 

Duck Squat
Targets: Butt, inner thighs, and calves
1. Stand with feet wider than shoulder-width apart, toes turned out 45 degrees, holding a single dumbbell with both hands in front of hips {or fold arms in front of chest without dumbbell}. Make it harder:  Use a 10- to 15-pound dumbbell. 
2. Lower into plie squat until kneesare bent as far as 90 degrees, knees behind toes.

                                                                       Side Shaper
                                                                       Targets: Abs and obliques
1. Lie on ground on right side, propped up on right forearm with shoulder directly over elbow, left hand on hip. {Or place left hand on ground in front of you for balance.}
2. Lift hips off ground until body forms a straight line from head to feet. 
3. Pause, then raise left leg about 6 inches higher. Make it easier: Keep legs together. 
4. Lower left leg, then lower hips to ground. 
5. Do 5 reps; switch sides and repeat
Trainer's Tip: Think about pulling your rib cage and lower hip together like an accordion as you lift. 


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  1. ooh I should definitely try these. My daily workout consists of jogging, jogging,and more jogging. =)