Friday, November 25, 2011


A friend of mine and I went out for a spa day - got my nails all painted brown and sparkly. :) But before we went there we grabbed some lunch. 
We decided to go to a restaurant in Elora called "Cork". 
At first when we looked at the menu there was a multiplicity of random entree's which led us to decide we didn't feel like eating there...but I guess we must have been reading the wrong menu because when we went outside, the menu there was totally different. So we decided to eat there after all. 
First off, the restaurant was quaint and cozy. The furniture was nice, the decor was charming, there was a lovely little fireplace, it was decorated for the holidays and there were carols on in the background. The only thing we were missing was some snow outside!
We decided to order bruschetta as an appetizer which was pretty good. I loved how garlicky it was. The tomatoes on it...which were warm; not so much. But I still had a couple of pieces. It was on a thin flat pita with some spinach on there and cheese. 
My friend; Sue-Ann ~ decided on a candy cane cocktail {which she said tasted strawberry-like and mintish} and I got a gin and tonic because I am not a big fan of sweet drinks. I also didn't think the wine was a good idea as it was ridiculously expensive. 
We both ordered the club sandwich which is on this cool bread loaf that was obviously cut by hand because of the odd size for each slice, with chicken, lettuce, cheese, tomato, bacon and pesto mayo. 
It was pretty good - a little on the dry side though, which was a bit disappointing. The fries were a huge success though. They were delicious! 
They don't even bring out condiments in the bottles! They take them and put them in little dishes. Too classy of a place I guess; like Sue-Ann said, it ain't McDonalds. Lol. 
All in all, it was pretty good. 
Apparently they do a tapas night on Wednesday's and it apparently rakes in quite the crowd. Even the ladies at the spa were raving about Cork. 
Their takeout boxes were even classy! Lol. 
Like tupperware almost where you could more than likely reuse them. 
I am definitely going to go back again and try something different other than entrees that are safe like a club sandwich. 
Oh! And when the Chef came out to talk to one particular table I turned around and it was Ben from Chef School!!! It's a show that was on the Food Network channel. It was awesome to see him there! 
I definitely recommend this intimate and cute restaurant if you're in Elora at all. :) 

The restaurant. Cozy and lovely decor. 

The Bruschetta. 

The Club Sandwich with the unforgettable fries. 

Another food shot. 

Drinks and Apps. 

Chef Ben from Chef School {Food Network Canada}.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! I think they turned out pretty neat! :D 


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