Tuesday, November 29, 2011


So the Victoria's Secret fashion show airs tonight and I wonder how many people are going to tune in, I have missed it the last few years but I might just watch it tonight. 
I was on the style.com website and saw some images that Tommy Ton took of backstage...I must say, no offense, that the idea's for the "costumes" if you will, are pretty stupid this year and another disappointment is that the VS Angels are not at all curvy and are super thin once again...what happened to the curvy gorgeous girls!? I wonder if Gisele is in it this year...or if Heidi is going to host. 
I guess we shall see tonight.
The fairy-esque stuff that I did see some of looked nice but you never know...
Most of the images that I picked for this post were ones that I didn't mind that much...there are some really "out-there" outfit ideas. 


{Source: Tommy Ton via Style.Com}

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