Sunday, November 20, 2011


Well today is our Christmas - Santa Clause parade. I guess after today people can start getting into the spirit of Christmas and decorate to their hearts content. I might happen to just wait until after my Dad's birthday on the 25th of November before I begin to decorate, just because I have my Dad's bday to look forward to first. :) 
There is a mini Christmas tree to put up along with all sorts of other decorations such as wreath's, even mini-er trees, baubles, lights and such. 
Who has already begun decorating for Christmas? 
I think this coming weekend we will begin to watch a bunch of Christmas shows and movies as well. My boyfriend and I really want to get into the spirit of Christmas again, like we were when we were kids. When you get older it's hard to focus on the joyous things in life and to just revel in the fun and hype of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Mind you, it is slightly depressing when it's all over. 
Gotta think of the snow, the hot chocolate with Bailey's, the food, the laughter, the carols, the outdoor activities....just that overall good feeling that you get around the most wonderful time of the year. :) 
Of course this time of year also means spending time with family. 
My family lives in California/Europe while I live in Canada. Sometimes it can get a bit tricky to get everyone together for Christmas-time. 
My Mom often feels guilty if the kids aren't at the house during the holiday season. But ya know what? It doesn't matter if we don't spend it together every single year, there is always Skype and Gmail chat and not to mention fifty more Christmas' to spend with the fambam. :) So if you aren't able to spend time with your family on this holiday this year, don't fret. There are billions more to go. :) As long as everyone has a roof over their head, clothes on their back and food and booze in front of them {lol} than everyone should feel at ease with their celebrating. 
I sure as hell would rather spend time with my family every single Christmas though. 
Anyways...enough rambling. I am going to try and blog as much as I can today. It's a quiet, dark and rainy day so far so we shall see what goes on. Maybe share some more recipes and fitness tips and such.


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