Thursday, November 24, 2011


I might make a chickpea salad...looks appetizing and healthy enough. Even though I have given up this week with exercising and healthy eating. It was a lazy-assed wash! 
I need to make a schedule...or I will forever be a lazy I know why some people are fat and lazy asses that do nothing with their lives. 
It's tempting. ;)

Bon Appetit!

Chickpea Tomato Salad
Recipe taken from JoCooks.Com.

1 can {19 oz} chickpeas {garbanzo beans}, rinsed and drained
2 to 3 large tomatoes
1 stalk celery
1 diced red pepper
4 green onions
Fresh chopped parsley
Fresh chopped basil 
2 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp vingear
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Rinse and rain the chickpeas and place them in a large bowl. 
2. Chop the tomatoes and pepper and add to the bowl. 
3. Chop the celery and green onions and add to bowl. 
4. Add the chopped parsley and chopped basil and add to bowl. 
5. Add the oil, vinegar, salt and pepper and toss the salad. 

Freakin' simple people! And sounds pretty filling - why the heck are they called garbanzo beans and why did they change it to chickpea's? I'll never know. If you do, leave your thoughts in the comments section. 
Either way...I don't have I am going to add cucumbers, and I am not a huge huge huuuuge fan of red bell pepper like that, so I might just had some regular onion. 
Oh, I have feta cheese. That might be a great addition. :) 
I could really go for buttery mashed potatoes though...


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