Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Hello everyone.
A little bit of a somber I took my kittons to the vet last night and it appears that his kidneys are slowly beginning to fail and his health is deteriorating. 
It's funny how one week they are totally fine and the next week you need to make an emergency trip to the vet. 
Thankfully - I have a good he got some medicine. If the medicine doesn't work though then I will have to begin giving him {basically} an IV twice a week to get some fluids into him. 

Going through something like this isn't fun. Obviously. 
This is my first pet of kitty...I have had him for like 14 years. 
You half expect them to live forever. I wish he could.
I guess they have to leave you at one point or another. I just hope that he isn't in pain and that I get to keep him a little bit longer. 
Just wanted to let you guys know what was going on. That's why I haven't really posted. 
That and the weekend was a bit crazy. 

Anyways...of course I will keep you up to date on how kitty {his name is Sky} is doing. 
Please send glittery get well wishes and think of him. I know I will forever shower him with as much love as I can possibly give him.  

Sky G - 14 year old *gorgeous* Turkish Angora Chichi.



  1. This is an awesome picture of Sky. I hope he leaves forever, I will miss him a lot.. :((

  2. I hope he lives forever 2 Ma.
    I love you, xoxoxo