Friday, October 07, 2011


When my boyfriend and I were in California we went on a massive shopping excursion with my Mom. She introduced us to a store in Folsom called Tilly's. 
They sell; Volcom clothing, DC & Vans shoes, Skin Industries, Famous Stars and Straps, Roxy, Billabong, Quicksilver and Fox clothing. 
I usually don't shop for these brands of clothes but this store was seriously kick ass!
What was even more kick ass was their selection of jewelry. Seriously amazing.
I got some big statement pieces that have people going "OMG!" when I sport them while out and about. 

I got one particular ring in California that I am obsessed with and if anything happened to it I might I decided to check out the website and see if they had more to buy {they were on sale as well}. If it wasn't on the site I would ask my Mom to hunt another one down for me, but luckily enough, I did find it on the site and even more!
AND, they now ship to Canada and give Canadian prices!
And it's cheap!
I highly recommend this store and you should definitely check it out. 
Here are some pieces that I coveted and eventually bought. ;)

FULL TILT Chain Duster Bracelet $11.91

FULL TILT Fireball Earrings $5.95 {got these ones in pink}

FULL TILT Fluff Feather Earrings $7.14

FULL TILT Knuckle Ring $7.12 - MY FAVORITE!

FULL TILT Leaf Layer Earrings $5.95

FULL TILT Rhinestone Feather Hair Clip $8.33

FULL TILT Rhinestone Swirl Ring $7.14

FULL TILT Textured Shield Ring $3.54


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