Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I have a slight infatuation with some people's blogs...whether it be fashion, recipe ones, weight loss...if there is that personal touch in them, I am hooked. 

I am thinking about beginning to do my own food photography when doing recipes...I have a Nikon camera with two lenses but I am just not sure what settings I should have my camera at when shooting some of the food that I make. 
I mean, some of the photo's in these blogs are just amazing and I am quite jealous that I can't do the same! I tried! It doesn't work! Lol. 
I think I will look into more of that...for those of you that take a lot of your own photos - what sort of camera/lens/settings do you use? 

Other then that, I also need to begin to make a little clearing for myself in my apartment...meaning I need a desk somewhere where I can keep my laptop, scanner,  bamboo tablet, printer, camera and such in one place instead of scattered all over the place. 
This will make blogging easier. 
Oh...and for some reason I need to blog with a mouse so I gotta purchase one of those as well, for some reason my wireless one doesn't want to work with my MacBook. :/ May need to test that out tonight. 

So I was watching a bit of the new video of the iPhone 4S. It's pretty cool...I also updated my operating system which took half my life and still is confusing to me but I guess I will have to fiddle faddle with it for the next little while and figure out how to work it...that and restore all my  music and apps on it as well. 
How are you guys liking the new iPhone software?
Woohoo! I also just received my order from Tillys! Still waiting on a few pieces {remember how I posted not too long ago about the jewelry I was coveting?} so I emailed and asked where the rest of the order was. I guess we shall have to wait. 

This picture below made me laugh. Had to share.


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