Tuesday, October 25, 2011


So I think I have been doing pretty good on my diet so far...other then the wine consumption. Tonight I don't plan on having any and just subbing it with some pumpkin chai tea from David's Tea. 
I have yet to try any of them - remember a little while ago I posted about the Fall collection? Once I do try some of them I will definitely fill you in on what I think. 
Tonight I will be going to the gym the first time in like...a year! It's craziness...I will go right after work {brought my trusty gym bag and clothes} and will probably hit up the elliptical first. 
Of course I can't find my sports bra's anywhere after renovating the apartment and I will have to be a teensy bit more careful with my workouts. Lol. 
I'll probably just have to go and buy another one if I can't find them anywhere...which is quite possible. I threw out so many clothes I don't even remember what I kept or did throw out. Whoops!
So I am a bit excited but nervous at the same time. I always used to go to the gym with my boyfriend so I got that extra support from him when I wasn't feelin' it. I just hope he's proud of the work that I am going to put into myself getting healthier. 
I have already lost 2 pounds since Sunday so that is a bonus! I just gotta remember that it is 70% nutrition and 30% exercise. So I can't eat $hite and work out - it doesn't work that way. 
I will probably end up doing the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels on Thursday so that my bf and I don't miss the Leaf game. :P So this is my update on my fitness/health/weight loss goals. I'll keep posting from time to time with more information. 
Hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday so far - new magazine day! And here we have another editorial for you. :)

Terese Pagh by Eric Guillemain for L’Officiel Paris November 2011.


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