Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Since I am going to start going back to the gym and exercising I decided to share a post with you from the Shape website about making excuses to not exercise. 
It's so much easier to not stick to a fitness routine, but that just leads to an unhealthy body and low self-esteem. Exercising also helps depression and anxiety. 
It's obviously not something that is out to destroy you...it's there to help you and be the best you can possibly be. 
So let's go through some "lame excuses" shall we? I am sure many of us told ourselves the following. Lol. 

5 Lame Excuses That Shouldn't Keep You From Exercising
Say goodbye to workout excuses for good!
By FitSugar

Have a regular fitness routine? Do you always stick to it? If the answer is no, you've probably made one of these excuses before. Before you convince yourself to ditch your gym bag for another day, here are five common excuses and the reasons why they shouldn't keep you from sweating it out. 

I'm too tired:
No matter how many times people tell you that exercise will help give you an energy boost, it won't matter if the thought of actually putting on your sports bra has you spent. But consistency is key to keeping energy levels up. The more regularly you exercise, the more energy you'll have, meaning you won't nod off on the couch while trying to catch your favorite primetime shows at night; so, use that as motivation to just do it. 

I'm too busy:
Who hasn't looked at their schedule and wondered how they are going to fit it all in? Juggling workouts with work, kids, and social engagements can be a feat in itself. But an effective workout can be had in just 20 minutes or less as long as you're prepared. Find a few quick workouts to have on hand the next time you have a busy day. Squeen in a few of these quick five-minute exercises the next time you have a few minutes to spare, or make like perpetually busy working Mom Bethenny Frankel and pop in an exercises DVD when you get home. "A long time ago I used to go to a gym or a yoga class, but that involves getting there {and} getting back. I don't really have that extra time, so I really believe in at-home workouts," she recently told us.

I don't want to ruin my makeup/hair/outfit:
Has a good hair day ever stopped you from sweating it out and ruining your locks? You're not alone. Even the surgeon general recently spoke out against using your beauty routine as an excuse for not working out. Before you skip a workout just because you don't have time for a hairdo or makeup redo, read our quick tips for making the most of your post-workout locker room beauty routine. 

I don't know what to do:
Don't be intimidated by those determined-looking fitness fanatics at your gym. Everyone has been a fitness newbie at one point in their life, and chances are whether they're whizzing by you on the trail or grunting on a gym machine, they're not paying attention to what you look like. If you lack knowledge to do an exercise correctly or don't want to go it alone, ask a fit friend to show you the ropes, show up early to class to talk to the instructor, or seek out a trainer at your gym {set up a free consultation if you're not a member of one}. "Trainers are there to help and will passionately do so," says Crunch personal trainer manager Tim Rich.

I'm not in the mood:
PMS, fights with the boyfriend, being sick, and other annoyances can make exercising the last thought on your mind. But before you ditch your workout, try these tips {http://www.fitsugar.com/Exercising-When-Youre-Sick-Hungover-Injured-Sore-18314120?} for working out when you're not feeling it. You may find that you feel better, thanks to all those endorphin's, after you finish exercising. 

There you go! The excuses we make and the reasons we shouldn't be making 'em. 
Now get your bottom to the gym! :)


{Source: Shape Magazine Website}

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